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Living the dream and homesteading

Growing up, I spent almost every summer working with my grandparents on their farm. Most of this was fun to me as a child. We were either planting or harvesting. Even shelling the peas — which took hours to do — was fun, simply because it provided time to sit on the front porch and talk with my grandparents.

As I got older, my grandmother passed away and the farm was no more. I honestly never thought farming would be something that I would get to do anymore.

But that changed in the last two years. My husband and I became empty nesters. I had big dreams of traveling, but with the rising cost of living and gas prices, my dreams dwindled fast. Instead, we decided to sell our house and almost everything we owned and move out to the family property.

Suddenly, the things I learned growing up on the farm began benefiting our family. My husband learned the same skills from his parents and grandparents and we began to put them to use. My wonderful husband, the dedicated planner, worked with me—the dreamer—to plant our first crop, and we soon discovered that everything you plant doesn’t grow just the way you would like. Though disappointed at first, I began to realize that homesteading is a learning experience that teaches new lessons every day.

But planting and harvesting a crop wasn’t the only thing I wanted to learn. I wanted chickens! My husband slowly came around to the idea, and before you knew it, we had 15.

With a lot of blood, sweat, and tears my husband built a chicken coop, and we began patiently waiting for the first egg to be laid. After what seemed like forever, one came, and when it did, you would have thought we won the lottery!

Today, I think we did. The cost of food is constantly rising and the price of eggs seems to be completely out of control. In the beginning, homesteading seemed like such a crazy leap of faith, but now it’s turning into the greatest blessing.

For starters, the joy of being outside has allowed for a more simple, slow-paced life. From the first rooster crow and beautiful sunrise to the sky filled with colors unimaginable at sunset, I have more time to relax and enjoy all the many blessings of God’s beautiful handiwork.

My homesteading adventure has also provided time to learn how important it is to be more self-sufficient. I now have peace of mind knowing that I am able to do just that.

We have eleven little ladies who are graciously producing four to six eggs per day, so collecting those and sharing them is another great joy. It has also been a great way of saving money. Those little nuggets of gold provide a great source of nutrition for us, my children, and my grandchild.

I honestly don’t see things changing much as far as the cost of food. Like the farmer from Foley, AL recently interviewed by 1819 News, I tend to agree that the constant increase in egg prices is unwarranted and that some are piggybacking on the increase in our local grocery stores. For that reason, I recommend beginning your own little farm. We started homesteading to better our family, and the ever-rising costs are making that decision pay off. It’s one small way we can stop being so dependent on the government.

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